Catalogue SERAFINO ZANI 2024

The origins. For centuries the in-depth knowledge of the processing of steel has represented the heritage of the residents of the sub-alpine valleys to the north of Brescia: it is in Lumezzane that Serafino Zani (first from the right on the photo) put to good use the experience acquired while working with his father Bernardo Lorenzo (second from left on the photo) and founded Zani Serafino & C. in 1963.


From its creation the company was able to apply ancient know-how made up of rules passed on from generation to generation, with attention to detail, to the finish and the materials.


The Zani family today continues to run the business, developing projec ts and manufac turing produc ts that blend traditional craftsmanship with a unique and innovative industrial vision.


Today still all the processes that contribute to the production of steel pots, pans, saucepans, frying pans take place at the Lumezzane plant so as to confirm the latter’s own mission to produce beautiful and highquality objects.